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Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine: Never do Laundry the Same Way Again

The Super Asia Top Loading Washing Machine is the perfect gift for your beloved, combining convenience and reliability in one appliance. With its user-friendly features, stylish design, robust build, and comprehensive warranty coverage.

Written by Ramiz Haider

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Updated Aug 22, 2023

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Starting From

52,300.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No Auto Restart
  • Only one model has Child Lock
  • Only one model is energy efficient

You’ve been entrusted with the task of finding the perfect wedding gift for your dearest cousin, someone who has stood by you through thick and thin. You want to give her something truly special to make her life easier and be a constant reminder of your family’s love and care. After much thought and research, you stumble upon a practical and thoughtful idea – Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine!

In this review, we’ll delve into the reasons behind choosing this remarkable appliance as the ultimate wedding gift. Exploring its key deciding factors such as price, design, performance, capacity, and warranty. So, join us on this journey as we uncover why the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine is the perfect gift and home appliance. Let’s get started!

Best Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan

  1. SA-809GW SS – Simplify laundry with One Touch Wash – the ultimate convenience at hand.
  2. SA-809PW SS – Advanced washing machine featuring Air Dry for eco-friendly and gentle drying.
  3. SA-709 APG – Efficient washing machine with Energy Saver copper motor for eco-friendly performance
  4. SA-6082 AMW – I-Clean, Tub cleans itself automatically, hassle-free maintenance.

Design and Build – Unveiling the Aesthetics

The design and build are paramount in ensuring both functionality and aesthetics blend seamlessly. In this aspect, the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine shines brightly, setting itself apart from the washing machines I have reviewed. One of the standout features that immediately catches the eye is the sturdy and elegant tempered glass lid, adding a touch of sophistication to the appliance. This provides a clear view of the laundry inside and ensures enhanced durability, giving you peace of mind for the long haul.

The front panel of the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine is a masterclass in user-friendliness, boasting an intuitive LED display. Navigating through various wash programs and customizing settings is a breeze with its user-friendly interface. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers simplicity, this washing machine strikes the perfect balance, making laundry chores a delight. Additionally, its pristine white color exudes a sense of purity and cleanliness, elevating the ambience of any laundry space.

Not only does the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine impress with its aesthetics, but it also boasts a rust-free body that ensures longevity. The thoughtfully crafted design enhances its visual appeal and guarantees robustness, safeguarding the machine from potential damage due to moisture and wear over time. With its blend of style and substance, this washing machine truly encapsulates the essence of what makes a home appliance stand out among top electronic brands.

Features and Performance – Taking Washing to New Heights

Simplifying laundry chores is the top priority of these best washing machines, and with the One Touch Wash feature, doing laundry becomes as easy as a touch of a button. This ingenious function allows you to initiate a wash cycle effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

The Fuzzy Logic Control Water Gushed Pulsator technology of the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine takes precision and efficiency to new heights. This intelligent system automatically adjusts the water flow and pulsator action based on the laundry load. Ensuring a thorough and gentle wash every time. Bid farewell to noisy closures and accidental bangs with the Soft Close Lid/Air Dry feature. This unique design element ensures a smooth, silent closing and facilitates efficient air drying of the tub after each wash. Reducing the chances of mold or odor formation.

Forget about worrying overpower interruptions during a wash cycle. The Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine comes with a Power Off Memory Backup feature which enables it to remember the progress of the cycle and continue the operation smoothly once power is restored. This comes in handy in case of power outages. The Magic filter-Triple Action Technology of model SA-709APG is taking cleaning efficacy to another level. This advanced filtration system traps lint, dirt, and debris, keeping your clothes looking fresh and clean with each wash.

The washing machine’s Auto Unbalancing Detection feature further enhances its performance by intelligently detecting and redistributing the load if it becomes uneven during operation. This not only prevents excessive vibration but also prolongs the machine’s lifespan. And let’s not forget about energy efficiency. The Energy Saver Copper Motor of model SA-709APG ensures optimal performance while consuming minimal power, making it an eco-friendly choice.

With a host of innovative features that elevate convenience, efficiency, and overall performance, the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine redefines the standards of home appliance brands. From the effortless One Touch Wash to the intelligent Fuzzy Logic Control Water Gushed Pulsator. Each feature is designed to enhance your experience.

Capacity (Kgs) – Making the Most of a Washing Load

Capacity plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of the perfect washing machine. The best Super Asia washing machine doesn’t disappoint. With various options to cater to diverse household needs. The Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine comes in three impressive capacities: 8, 8.5, and 9 kg. 

The 8 kg capacity of the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine is ideal for singles or small families. It offers enough space to wash a substantial amount of clothes in a single load. For slightly larger households or those who prefer a bit more space for their laundry. The 8.5 kg capacity provides the perfect balance between efficiency and convenience. And if you have a larger family with hefty laundry loads. The 9 kg capacity will be your ultimate companion, accommodating a generous amount of clothes easily.

Warranty – Enjoy Worry-Free Laundry

Investing in high-quality home appliances requires careful consideration and assurance that your purchase is protected in the long run. With the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine, you can rest easy knowing that a robust 5-year brand warranty backs you. This warranty speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in the reliability and durability of its product. Making it a compelling choice for anyone seeking a washing machine that stands the test of time.

Super Asia is dedicated to providing exceptional performance and unwavering quality with their 5-year brand warranty. This comprehensive coverage guarantees protection against any manufacturing defects or unexpected problems that may arise during the warranty period. Pairing Super Asia’s reliable warranty with savyour’s cashback ensures you enjoy the performance and quality of your appliance and get rewarded for your purchase.

Final Verdict

From its sturdy tempered glass lid to its comprehensive 5-year brand warranty. The Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine is undoubtedly one of the leading washing machines in the market. Doing laundry has never been easier thanks to the advanced features of this machine that combine both style and practicality.

This remarkable appliance is the perfect gift for your beloved ones, a timeless reminder of your love and support. So, don’t wait any longer and purchase the Super Asia Automatic Washing Machine from AYS Online through savyour and enjoy cashback on your purchase.


Display LED
Type Top Load
Auto Restart No
Child Lock SA-709APG
Spin Speed Below 1000 RPM
Voltage 220V
Color Grey, White

At a Glance:







SA-709 APG



SA-6082 AMW



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