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Find Your Inner Harmony with Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi

Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi is a fragrance that can take any moment from ordinary to extraordinary. Its unique combination of uplifting top notes and warm base notes is sure to please anyone. It has a long-lasting effect and beautiful packaging.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 12, 2023

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Starting From

4,880.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Might be overpowering in large spaces.
  • It is not affordable.
  • Not suitable for young children.

Let the music of the symphony take you away!

My friend and I had a mutual obsession with fragrances, so much so that we would sometimes gift each other perfumes just because we thought the other would like them. And this time was no different – I got him Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi, a unisex fragrance that I thought he would love. 

Sure enough, as soon as he opened his gift box to reveal the perfume, his eyes lit up with excitement! He sprayed some on himself immediately and couldn’t stop raving about how amazing it smelled. His enthusiasm made me smile; my intuition about this one was spot-on.

The Scent of Symphony

Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi is a symphony for the senses, with top notes of freesia and mandarin orange blending together to create a refreshing burst of citrusy goodness.

Next up are violet petals floating in the breeze and the sweet smell of mimosa that pairs perfectly with orris and jasmine sambac.

Finally, its base note is unmissable: ambroxan creates an unforgettable musky aroma that lingers on the skin like sandalwood smoke. 

It’s a combination so sublime it’s almost hard to believe – I could almost hear it playing out as if it were some kind of musical masterpiece. The notes mix harmoniously, like angels singing a beautiful chorus, each acting in perfect unison as they swirled around my nose and whispered secrets into my ears.

A single spritz is enough to transport me right away into the magical world of Bonanza Satrangi fragrances where everything smells divinely delicious! 

The Look of Symphony

Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi comes in a uniquely designed bottle with printed zigzag lines and a white-colored cap. The scent is reminiscent of champagne, and its matching box comes in a combination of gold and white color – making it an instant eye-catcher. Containing all pertinent information about the product, it no doubt gives a sophisticated look to any vanity.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for



How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on the neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Bonanza Satrangi fragrances were introduced in 2017 and offer luxury and affordable men, women, and unisex perfumes. Bonanza Satrangi has elegant packaging.

Top Notes
Freesia, Mandarin, Orange, Violet.

Heart Notes
Mimosa, Orris, Jasmine, Sambac.

Base Notes
Ambroxan, Musk, Sandal.

Ending Note

In conclusion, Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi is an exquisite unisex fragrance that will make any moment special. Its unique combination of uplifting top notes and warm base notes creates a symphony for the senses like no other! This product is worth considering if you’re looking for something extraordinary. Don’t miss out – try Symphony by Bonanza Satrangi today!

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