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Juice Up your Senses with Tangy Orange: An Outfitters Perfume Review

Tangy Orange by Outfitters is a versatile and unique fragrance with refreshing top notes, spicy heart notes, and warm musky base notes. Its skin-friendly formula and long-lasting scent make it a valuable addition to any fragrance collection.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated May 19, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

3,290.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Sillage and intensity may vary
  • Not that long-lasting

Savor the citrus sensation!

As someone who smells everything from roses to rotten eggs all day, I can tell you that the fragrance industry is full of surprises. And today, my olfactory organs are tingling with excitement as I get ready to dive nose-first into a review of a fragrance that has recently caught my attention – Tangy Orange by Outfitters.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Tangy Orange? Is this some kind of fancy new juice or a perfume we’re talking about?” Well, my dear readers, it’s both. Being in the field of fragrance, I have a team of perfumers who help me with all kinds of tests from projection, to lasting, to versatility. And let me tell you, this one was a real treat for all of us.

When we first heard the name, we were skeptical. Tangy Orange? It sounds more like a snack than a fragrance. But then we got our hands on a bottle and gave it a whiff. And boy, were we in for a surprise.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s dive into the review!

Unleashing a Tangy Citrus Symphony

Let’s start with the notes of this mens’ perfume. Tangy Orange by Outfitters is a refreshing scent that combines citrusy and spicy notes to create a unique fragrance. The top notes of bergamot, mandarin, marine, and rosemary create a refreshing and tangy scent that will wake up your senses.

The heart notes of nutmeg, violet, green, and jasmine add a touch of warmth and spice to the fragrance. And finally, the base notes of wood, dry amber, patchouli, and chypre provide a musky and masculine finish to the scent. The combination of these notes creates a well-balanced fragrance that is both refreshing and warm.

An Orange Dream Box

The packaging of Tangy Orange is just as impressive as the scent itself. The orange rectangular bottle with a black cap and an orange box make it a visually striking addition to any fragrance collection. The simplicity of the design is eye-catching, yet understated. Overall, the packaging is sleek and modern, and it perfectly complements the scent inside.

A Captivating Aura that Leaves a Lasting Impression

The sillage and intensity of Tangy Orange are just right. The fragrance is not overpowering, yet it is still strong enough to be noticed by those around you. The sillage is moderate, which means that the fragrance will linger in the air for a few hours after you’ve applied it. The intensity of the scent is also well-balanced, meaning that it won’t be too strong or too weak. It’s the perfect balance for everyday wear or for special occasions.

Companion that Stays with you All Day Long

Now let’s talk about the lasting power of Tangy Orange by Outfitters. We were pleasantly surprised by how long the scent lasted on our skin. The fragrance lasted for around 6-8 hours, which is impressive for a citrusy scent.

Even after a long day, we could still detect the scent on our skin. It’s important to note that the lasting power may vary depending on your skin type and the climate you’re in. But overall, we were impressed with how long the fragrance lasted.

Gentle Soothing Fragrance

Our team of fragrance enthusiasts know that skin-friendliness is a top concern when it comes to choosing a fragrance. The Tangy Orange perfume by Outfitters is formulated with high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

The fragrance does not cause irritation or redness, even for those with sensitive skin. This makes it a safe and reliable choice for anyone looking to add a new fragrance to their collection.

A Versatile Fragrance for Every Occasion

Tangy Orange by Outfitters is a versatile fragrance that can be worn in different atmospheres. The refreshing top notes make it perfect for a day at the beach or an outdoor picnic. The warm and musky base notes make it a great choice for a night out in town or a romantic evening. The spicy heart notes make it ideal for a formal event or a business meeting. Whatever the occasion, the Tangy Orange perfume by Outfitters is sure to impress.

A Fragrance for All Seasons

One of the best things about Tangy Orange is its versatility across different seasons. The refreshing top notes make it a great choice for summer, while the warm and musky base notes make it perfect for fall and winter. The spicy heart notes make it a great choice for spring. This fragrance can be worn all year round, making it a valuable addition to any fragrance collection.

100 ml of Pure Euphoria

Tangy Orange by Outfitters comes in a 100 ml bottle, which is a great value for its price. This size is perfect for everyday use and will last for a long time, even with regular use. The bottle is also compact and easy to travel with, making it a convenient choice for those on the go.

A Fragrance Worth the Hype!

We asked some of our team members to share their thoughts on Tangy Orange, and here’s what they had to say:

“I love the citrusy freshness of this fragrance. It’s perfect for the summer months.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by how long-lasting this fragrance is. It lasted me through an entire workday.”

“The packaging is so eye-catching. I love the orange and black color scheme.”

“I appreciate how skin-friendly this fragrance is. I didn’t experience any irritation or discomfort.”

Fast Facts

Fragrance for

100 ml


How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on the neck).

Best for
All Seasons

Country of Origin

About the Brand
Founded in 2003, Outfitters is a Pakistani fashion and lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. In addition to fashion, Outfitters also produces fragrances that embody the adventurous spirit of the brand.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin, Marine/Watery, Rosemary

Heart Notes
Nutmeg, Violet, Green, Jasmine

Base Notes
Wood, Dry Amber, Patchouli, Chypre

Ending Note

Overall, Tangy Orange by Outfitters is a versatile and reliable fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. With its refreshing citrus top notes and warm musky base notes, this fragrance can be worn in different atmospheres and seasons.

Its moderate lasting power and sillage make it a great value for its price, and its skin-friendliness makes it a safe choice for anyone. If you choose to shop from other top-tier fragrance brands through Savyour, you can get cashback on all your beauty and personal care purchases. So, why not add the Tangy Orange perfume by Outfitters to your collection today?

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