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Thaal or Nothing: A Review of Thaal Biryani

Thaal Biryani is a desi restaurant serving incredibly delectable biryanis. Their Beef Spicy Thaal Biryani is lip-smacking good and well worth the PKR 400 price tag, while their fast food options are also of high quality. The attentive service and simple ambience add to an overall pleasurable experience.

Updated Apr 13, 2023

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  • Basic ambience

Today, I’m bringing you a review of a thaal that’ll make you want to lick your fingers and ask for more. No, I’m not talking about the traditional thaal we use to serve our meals, but the Thaal Biryani I recently had the pleasure of devouring. 

Let me tell you, You’ll fine many desi restaurants in Karachi but this restaurant was no ordinary one. 

I swear, if I had a thaal like this every day, I’d be the happiest food blogger on this side of the world! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the deliciousness that is Thaal Biryani.

Taste: Tears of Joy

As soon as the steaming hot Beef Spicy Thaal Biryani landed on my table, I could smell the enticing aroma of spices and meat wafting up to my nose. And once I took my first bite, I was immediately seduced by the alluring scent. 

The first bite left me in a state of bliss – the beef was so tender, juicy, and cooked with a preciseness that it felt like it simply melted away! I also fell for its spot-on seasoning, which adds just enough warmth to elevate this delectable dish without obscuring its subtle nuances.

But that’s not all. The biryani had all sorts of surprises, from caramelized onions to plump raisins and crunchy nuts; each bite was a burst of different textures and flavors.

And let’s remember the sides. The raita was perfectly chilled, and the pickles had just the right amount of tang.

I ended up licking the plate clean because of the tastiest Biryani, which I’m pretty sure is against restaurant etiquette, but who cares when the food is that good.

Price: Well Worth it

I’ve heard people say you get what you pay for, which is valid with Thaal Biryani. At PKR 400 for two people, this dish is undoubtedly worth it.

The food’s generous portion size and gourmet quality make it quite a steal. The cost justifies all the love, effort, and care that goes into crafting each plate.

Service: A+

The attentive service made my experience at the restaurant even more special. The waitstaff was always warm and friendly, quick to welcome us with a smile and answer any questions we had.

They ensured my food arrived fresh and hot on my table without any delays. 

Ambience: Pretty Average

Okay, let’s talk about the ambience at Thaal Biryani. 

To put it simply, there’s nothing exceptional about it. The decor is simple, with basic furniture and a no-frills atmosphere. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s clear that the focus at Thaal Biryani is on the food rather than the ambience. And, in my opinion, that’s how it should be. After all, what’s the point of fancy decor if the food doesn’t live up to expectations?

One thing worth noting is that the restaurant caters mainly to males. While women are certainly welcome, I didn’t see many during my visit. If you’re a woman dining alone or with a group of friends, you might feel out of place.

Honorable Mentions: More than Meets the Eye

Now, let me tell you something that might surprise you. Thaal Biryani, the restaurant that’s famous for its mouth-watering biryanis, also has a variety of fast food options on its menu. Yes, you read that right!

If you’re not in the mood for a desi feast, you can always opt for one of their delicious pizzas, juicy burgers, or crispy broast. And let me tell you, they do fast food just as well as they do biryani.

Final Verdict

Hands down, Thaal Biryani is one of the best biryani I’ve tasted so far. Every bite was a pleasure, and every penny spent was worth it. It’s a must-have for anyone looking for an authentic desi experience.

Try it today – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be licking your plate clean, just like me! That’s how good Thaal Biryani is!

Thaal or nothing, indeed.

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