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Be Bamboozled: A Review of The Last Exit Café

The Last Exit Café offers an interesting culinary experience with a unique atmosphere. Prices can be high, but you get what you pay for. Service is hit-and-miss and the menu offers limited options from around the world.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

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Updated Sep 04, 2023

Editor’s Rating


What we don’t like

  • High prices
  • The noisy, crowded atmosphere on the weekends.

Let’s just say that I’ve never felt so conflicted about a restaurant as I did with The Last Exit Café! On the one hand, the decór was interesting, making me feel like I had stepped into a psychedelic time warp. On the other hand, some things left a bit too much to be desired! But good or bad, The Last Exit Café did leave a strong impression. And that’s a rarity! So, without ado, let’s just get into it and see what’s all the fuss about!

Taste: The Brave and the Bold

Now, don’t even get me started on the Tarragon Fusion Steak. The sight alone was enough to set my heart racing, and I hadn’t even taken a bite yet! With a fork in hand and anticipation in my eyes, I gently sliced into the steak. The knife glided effortlessly through the meat, revealing a universe of succulence within. Seriously, I’m practically drooling just writing about it.

The tarragon danced on my tongue, a burst of herbaceous elegance that intertwined with the meat’s smoky embrace, resonating through my very soul. But let’s not forget the bed of mashed potatoes beneath – creamy and velvety; they cradled the steak like a cozy blanket of comfort. The marriage of textures was nothing short of divine, a dance of silk and silkier.

Price: Should Be Everyone’s Jam

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.

To be honest, the prices at The Last Exit Café are pretty sweet. Their phenomenal Tarragon Fusion Steak will only run you PKR 699, which is more than excellent! And you get what you pay for – and in this case, it’s definitely more than worth it.

Service: Hit N’ Miss

Some days, you get an attentive server willing to go the extra mile – other days, it feels like they couldn’t care less about your experience. It’s hit-and-miss, so remember that you may need to be a bit of good luck if you want good service. But most often than not, the service disappoints!

Also, the menu is chock full of dishes from all over the world. But here’s the thing: they only have, like, one or two options for each cuisine. Come on, guys, I can’t take a culinary trip around the world on just two dishes per country. 

It’s like trying to see Paris in a day – you might catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, but you’re not really experiencing the city. So if you’re looking for a true culinary adventure, you might want to look at one of Karachi’s other restaurants.

Ambience: On the Wild Side

Okay, so the ambience at The Last Exit Café is definitely unique. It’s a mix of Asian and contemporary decor, with beautiful bamboo roofs and pleasant lighting. The seating inside is mostly for families only – which I think is cute, in a way. But the outdoor seating is more suited for stags.

The only issue? It’s noisy and crowded on the weekends – like, ear-splittingly loud. So be warned: if you’re hoping for a romantic dinner or a casual conversation, The Last Exit Café is not the place to go. But if you’re in the mood for an energetic setting, you’ll find The Last Exit Café more than pleasant!

Honorable Mentions: Spill the Tea

Let me tell you, the Roast Beef Sandwich at The Last Exit Café is all you will think of a week after you’ve had it! Tender, juicy beef piled high on a fresh bun with just the right amount of horseradish sauce – it’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth. A must-try, for sure!

Final Verdict

All in all, The Last Exit Café is one of those restaurants that I feel both happy and frustrated about at the same time. Sure, it may not be one of the best steakhouses in the city, but it does have the ‘IT’ factor. But that’s what makes The Last Exit Café so special. It’s a restaurant that isn’t for everyone – but if you’re brave enough to take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

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