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Reviewing the Creamy Pandora Jars: Thousand Island Sauces

I love how creamy Young’s thousand island sauce is. It adds the density of flavors to my everyday fried food without being heavy on my pocket. Plus, points for always being available at my local grocery stores.

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Store Hopper

I am a staff writer and have visited countless grocery stores numerous times; whatever I need, I know exactly where to get it from! I am a superhero - I identify value for money in any grocery list.

Updated Dec 30, 2022

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Thousand Island sauce is made by combining a range of different flavorings. It gets its creamy texture from mayonnaise, whereas tomato puree and ketchup add a tint of tangy flavoring to the sauce. It also has a hint of spice from the chili sauce. 

Combining these different sauces creates an interesting flavoring, enriched with a depth of flavors and adds complexity to boring, bland food. Without worrying  about grabbing five different sauces, thousand islands itself is the perfect combination of all the delicious sauces I need to elevate my fast food. 

Whether  burgers, fries, or wraps, a bottle of thousand sauce is all I need to conquer my sauce wars!

Finding the perfect creamy texture with a thousand island sauces is important for me . In quest of the one thousand island sauce, which fulfills all my creamy, delicious needs, I went from aisle to aisle exploring all the available options.

To pick the  best one out there, I have also ranked the following thousand island sauces based on texture, packaging, price value for money, and availability.

My Take on Thousand Island Sauces

Young’s Thousand Island Sauce

What we don’t like about it

  • Non-biodegradable packaging

Young’s thousand island sauce has a rich and creamy texture. It is also affordable and comes in squeezable plastic bottles. It is also widely available and is an inexpensive option. It provides excellent  value for money, given its quality and quantity compared  to the price paid.

Dippit Thousand Island Sauce 

What we don’t like about it

  • Artificial flavoring taste

Dipitt thousand island is neither too thick nor  gooey nor runny like water, it has an almost honey-like consistency. The taste is more towards the tangy side and has an artificial flavoring taste . In my opinion, it is affordable and, overall a good combination of tangy yet spicy flavored sauce. It also comes in a glass bottle which makes it an eco-friendly choice. 

Hellmann’s Thousand Island Sauce 

What we don’t like about it

  • Expensive
  • Not widely available

Made with only the best ingredients, Hellmann’s thousand islands has a creamy texture. It has hints of spice from red peppers and cayenne peppers. It comes in a variety of packaging from reusable glass bottles to squeezable packaging. The only downside is that it is more costly than other available brands and is also not as widely available.

American Garden Thousand Island Sauce 

What we don’t like about it

  • Non-vegetarian
  • Not widely available
  • Expensive

This tasty  dressing of a thousand islands has a rich and creamy consistency. It is perfect to pair with salads and appetizers. It is gluten-free and non-vegetarian. It comes in two different sizes, in easy-to-pour plastic packaging. It is not a local brand; hence , it is neither widely available nor an inexpensive option. 

Things I Look for Before Buying My Refill of Thousand Island Sauce


Finding the right texture in the sauce is critical. . It defines the food’s texture as well as has a great impact on the outlook of any dish. I always look for a creamy and rich consistency when I am looking for a thousand island sauces. This adds a depth of flavor without making burgers or other foods sloppy.

Price Value for Money

After analyzing the aforementioned available options in the market, I landed on  the decision that the best value for money is finding the right texture at the least possible price without compromising on taste.

Packaging Options

I like having an eco-friendly option since it helps promote healthy environmental choices. Brands that provide sustainable, reusable glass bottles are always my priority.


What does Thousand Island taste like?

Thousand island sauce is combined  with a different sauce, including mayonnaise and chili sauce as the main ingredients. It has a hint of spicy taste along with sweetness and tanginess.

Why do they call it Thousand Island sauce?

Thousand Island gets its name from the long chain of Islands from New York to  Canada. 

Is Mcdonald’s special sauce Thousand Island?

No, Mcdonald’s special sauce has no  tanginess, unlike thousand island sauces.

Brand Rating

Young’s thousand Island



Dipitt thousand Island



Hellmann’s thousand Island



American Garden thousand Island



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