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Velvet Vanilla by Bonanza Satrangi: Be Cool. Be Vanilla

Velvet Vanilla by Bonanza Satrangi is a luxury worth splurging on. With the blend of vanilla with earthy and woody notes, this scent is a must-have for any woman. It is ideal for winterwear and it makes you feel at peace.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 13, 2023

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  • The high price factor.

Add vanilla to your life instead of being boring

Vanilla has always been my favorite thing in the world. Most people don’t appreciate vanilla ice cream as I do. They also often forego the taste of vanilla essence in cakes. But for me, vanilla is a flavor I just can’t go without. 

People call vanilla boring, but in reality, it has the most depth. It has a calming and soothing effect on me. So, as with everything vanilla in my life, of course, my scent needs to be vanilla too. Velvet Vanilla by Bonanza Satrangi is the scent for me.

Alluring Scent

The scent of Velvet Vanilla is one of the best perfumes offered by Bonanza Satrangi Fragrances. It starts with my evident love, vanilla. It reminds me of the first vanilla scent I bought. I was out with my friends, and we were at the age where we thought of ourselves as cool. We went to a scented candle store and started surfing different scents. As soon as I had the vanilla-scented candle in my hand, I couldn’t move on. 

My friends started making fun of me for liking yet another thing with vanilla but I paid them no mind. I found vanilla to have a lot of depth and I remember telling my friends that I was more mature than them. This memory always makes me smile because now that vanilla scents are trendy, I was right.

Besides the top notes of vanilla in Velvet Vanilla, this scent has more mysteries to unveil. The heart note of musk provides the fragrance with an earthy and woody aroma that takes me on a stroll through the forest. It is blended with the warm and exotic scent of amber that gives the fragrance a sweet, rich, and powdery touch. 

The woody base notes that stay and give a lasting impression are consistent throughout the perfume and give me a lasting impression. Everything about this scent makes it ideal for an alluring winter scent.

Stunning Packaging

Velvet Vanilla looks as elegant as it sounds and smells. It has white and golden packaging with all the details about the fragrance on it. Its bottle is small and round with a golden-colored cap adorning it. The glass of the bottle is crystalline and gold-tinted, which gives it a luxurious look. 

The tinted glass lets me see the scent inside. The bottle is not only gorgeous, but it also serves a practical purpose. I always know whenever I need to order a new bottle when I run out. The thing I am in love with the most is how impressive it looks on my vanity.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for



How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on the neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Bonanza Satrangi fragrances were introduced in 2017 and offer luxury and affordable men, women, and unisex perfumes. Bonanza Satrangi has elegant packaging.

Top Notes

Heart Notes
Musk, Amber.

Base Notes

Ending Note

All things considered, the scent of this fragrance is a perfect blend of vanilla, earthy, and woody notes. It is for mature noses who love solid and heady scents. It is for those looking for a winter fragrance. It would leave you with a warmth of calm and peace. Its fascinating bottle is a must-have luxury that any woman would love to own. Plus, its practicality ensures you always have your favorite scent. So, don’t wait because Velvet Vanilla by Bonanza Satrangi is worth splurging on.

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