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Kung Fu Panda-Approved: A Review of Xian Oriental Chinese

Xian Oriental Chinese is an affordable and cozy restaurant located in the posh neighborhood of the Defence Housing Authority. The food is decent with some dishes being really good. Service here is fast, the presentation is great, and it's worth considering for date nights or small group gatherings!

Updated Apr 04, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Some dishes were too dry or overly greasy
  • Small portion sizes for some dishes

Are you eager to embark on a journey across China, all from the comfort of Karachi? Then Xian Oriental Chinese is just what you need! Buckle up and hold on tight because we’re about to dive into a restaurant that promises to transport you to the heart of Beijing with every bite.

Located in the posh neighborhood of Defence Housing Authority, Xian Oriental Chinese is a solid contender among the city’s Chinese restaurants. But does it live up to the hype? 

As a food blogger, I’ve had my fair share of dumplings, stir-fried noodles, and Kung Pao Chicken. So, I ventured into Xian Oriental Chinese with high hopes and an empty stomach. Did it deliver? Let’s find out. Join me on this food adventure as we explore the highs and lows of this restaurant! 

Taste: From the Land of the Great Wall

Let’s talk about the food, shall we? Upon first glance, a fiery red lava sauce coated the Dry Chicken Chili. The chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The chili flakes were pleasantly spicy, but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough moisture to make my palate happy. As the name suggests, it was dry and left me longing for a glass of water. Despite the lack of sauce, the flavors were on point, and I reached for more.

The Chicken Bulgoki sat on the plate like a masterpiece, cooked with onions and peppers in a tasty sweet-and-savory marinade. Unfortunately, however, it was completely drowned in oil – almost as if I were swimming in an ocean of grease!

The Chili Garlic Beef Noodles was a feast for the eyes, an artfully arranged combination of thin noodles, juicy beef, and succulent chicken tossed in a garlicky sauce. Every element had a palpable flavor blended harmoniously together. The only downside? Those tantalizingly tender morsels of chicken were relatively diminutive!

Price: Let’s Talk Cost

What’s the best part about Xian Oriental Chinese? The price! You’d expect to pay an arm and a leg for that flavor for all of that flavor. But luckily, Xian Oriental Chinese offers quite manageable prices despite the high-class setup. Check them out:

  • Dry Chicken Chili: PKR 900
  • Chicken Bulgoki: PKR 900
  • Chicken Garlic Beef Noodles: PKR 925

It is still very reasonable compared to other restaurants in the area. That’s excellent value for the price!

Service: Master Po Would Be Proud

One thing that impressed me was the attention to detail when it came to presentation. Every plate looked like something out of a gourmet magazine! Kung Fu Panda would be proud of Xian Oriental Chinese’s lightning-fast service – no need to wait around here!

Ambience: Aesthetically Pleasing

The restaurant is a small and intimate venue, with a rose gold, fawn, and bronze color theme throughout. The lighting was dimly-lit but cozy – that homey feeling you get when having dinner with family. It is perfect for small groups of friends catching up or couples on a date night out. Furthermore, the place was clean and well-maintained – a nice touch for such an affordable place. 

Honorable Mentions: Rice in Ocean

The title’s unique, right? It is a name of a dish in Xian Oriental Chinese. It is quite the catch! First off, this dish is enough to make you feel like you’re in a seafood paradise. It looks like a school of fish just dove right into a bed of fluffy rice. You’ll want to snap a picture before you dig in.

And speaking of taste, it’s a medley of savory and slightly sweet flavors with a hint of tanginess. It’s so delicious; you’ll be saying, “seafood? More like see-food, because you’ll see it and want to eat it!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, let’s say that Xian Oriental Chinese was decent. I couldn’t resist trying out their menu and was pleasantly surprised with some dishes, but I won’t quit my day job to become a fortune cookie writer anytime soon. That’s all, folks! Enhance your culinary journey and get ready to be delighted with Savyour

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