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Redmi Watch 2 Lite – Your Perfect Companion for Every Moment

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a budget-friendly smartwatch with a 1.55-inch display, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking. It offers up to 10 days of battery life and 100+ sports modes. It's compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated May 05, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

13,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Less attractive display quality
  • No cellular option
  • No storage

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good.” 

Who doesn’t want to look and feel good? But to achieve that, you must stay fit and healthy. And if you’re someone who hits the gym regularly, tracking your fitness progress is a must! However, in Pakistan, fitness trackers can be pretty expensive. Don’t fret because Xiaomi has got your back with their latest release – the Redmi Watch 2 Lite. It’s the most affordable and feature-packed smartwatch explicitly designed for fitness enthusiasts.

The Watch 2 Lite is a great companion for tracking your fitness progress. It comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, allowing you to keep track of your health throughout the day. Not only that, but it also has 100+ workout modes, so you can choose the one that best suits your daily workout routine. It also has a step counter and calorie tracker to measure your progress accurately.

In this review, I will talk about all the features of the Redmi Watch 2 Lite and see how it will help you reach your fitness goals. So, let’s start without any delay.

Display and Design – Stunning Visuals

Nowadays, many smartwatches hit the market, but the Redmi Watch 2 Lite stands out for its sleek and functional design. The square shape of the watch looks classic that never goes out of style. With a polycarbonate body that offers a smooth finish, this watch is lightweight and durable, weighing in at just 35 grams with the strap. Plus, with 5ATM water resistance, you don’t have to worry about removing it when swimming.

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite strap is made of skin-friendly thermoplastic polyurethane, and it comes in three stylish colors: Ivory, Black, and Blue. The strap is tight and secure, thanks to adjustable holes, and it’s easy to remove with the press of a button. On the right side of the watch, there’s a metal function button that lets you wake up the watch and access its features.

The large 1.55-inch LCD color touchscreen display of the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a standout feature. With up to 450 nits brightness and 2D glass, this display is easy to read in any lighting condition. You can even set it to turn on when you lift your hand, and it turns off in just a few seconds to save power. The touch screen is smooth to use, but be aware that it attracts fingerprints and isn’t completely scratch-resistant.

Features – Smart and Functional

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite offers a plethora of features that make it stand out among other smartwatch brands. With 17 professional fitness modes, including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Yoga, and an additional 100 workout modes, it gives you ample options to track your fitness goals. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who’s just getting started, this watch is sure to meet your needs.

In addition, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is equipped with a built-in GNSS chipset that offers improved performance for precise position tracking. It supports four major global positioning systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS, making it a reliable choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and running.

The watch also features a SpO₂ sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in your blood, allowing you to track your health anytime, anywhere. It even supports continuous SpO₂ tracking during sleep, giving you peace of mind and detailed reports on deep sleep, light sleep, and REM stages. With a built-in high-precision PPG sensor, the watch can monitor your heart rate 24/7 and send an alert when an abnormal heart rate is detected.

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite goes beyond just fitness tracking. It also includes features to help you manage your daily life, such as continuous stress monitoring, three training modes to help you adjust your breathing and relieve stress, and the ability to record and track your monthly period. With its features, this smartwatch is a valuable addition to anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.

Battery Life – 10-day Extra-long

As a tech enthusiast who has tested some of the best affordable smartwatches in the market, I know that one of the biggest daily-use concerns is battery life. With the Redmi Watch 2 Lite, Xiaomi promises to deliver an impressive 10-day battery life. I wanted to see if it could live up to the hype.

After days of testing, I can say that the Redmi Watch 2 Lite has excellent battery life. With continuous heart rate, SpO2, and sleep tracking activated, along with notifications for most apps, the watch still managed to last an impressive 3-4 days on a single charge.

Of course, your mileage may vary depending on your usage. Suppose you’re willing to limit notifications to just a few critical apps. In that case, you can squeeze out even more battery life. Most users can expect to get around 5-6 days of battery life on a single charge, which is still impressive for a smartwatch at this price point.

Price and Value – A Great Investment

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite is currently available for Rs. 14,499 in Pakistan, making it the most affordable fitness tracker in its class. It offers a great set of features and exceptional battery life at an unbeatable price, so it’s well worth the investment if you’re serious about tracking your health and fitness.


Best For:
Best Affordable Fitness Tracker

262 mAh

About the Brand:
Xiaomi is a leading tech company, manufacturing smartphones, and accessories. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Word

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a feature-packed smartwatch designed for fitness enthusiasts. With over 100 workout modes, a built-in heart rate monitor, a SpO2 sensor, a GNSS chipset, and 10-day battery life, this watch makes it easy to stay on top of your health goals. 

The stylish design and lightweight body make it a great choice for everyday use, while the fantastic price makes it an excellent investment. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable fitness tracker, look no further than the Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

Overall, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is one of the best fitness trackers currently available in Pakistan. Its combination of features and value makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. So, if you’re ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is worth checking out!

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Dimensions 41.2 x 35.3 x 10.7 mm (1.62 x 1.39 x 0.42 in)
Weight 35 g
Display Type AMOLED
Screen Size 1.47 inches
Screen Resolution 360 x 320 pixels
Operating System Proprietary OS
Camera No
Sound Loudspeaker
Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, LE
Radio No
Sensors Accelerometer, heart rate, gyro, compass, SpO2
Battery life Li-Ion 262 mAh, non-removable
Available Colors Black, Blue, Ivory

At a Glance:










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