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A Drive Through Deliciousness: My Review of Yellow Taxi

The Yellow Taxi restaurant guarantees a delicious pizza with a solid taste and a highly affordable price. However, on the negative side, there is massive room for improvement on the service side. The ambiance too can be greatly enhanced.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

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Updated Mar 13, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The ambiance is unpleasant
  • The service can be improved

Sometimes, you stumble upon a name that just leaves you perplexed to your core. Yellow taxis and pizza! What association do these two have with each other? What’s the reason behind calling your brand something that has nothing in common with its core product? Let me tell you why exactly.

You can find a taxi very easily in Karachi. And that’s the purpose of naming a pizza place ‘Yellow Taxi’. The company seeks to make eating pizza as easy and accessible as hailing a taxi. So, I hear you asking, how does this rare and exciting idea hold up?

Let’s take a deep dive together into all the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the Yellow Taxi restaurant.

Food: Careful What You Wish For

Not going to lie, I had heard some pretty great things about the Yellow Taxi restaurant. So, the expectations that I had from that place were astronomical. Were they met? Somewhat! There were some flavors that I really enjoyed while others failed to meet the quality standard that I had set in my mind.

The clear stand-out was the Siracha pizza. Words fall short of my appreciation of this flavor. The dough, perfectly baked and golden, is drenched in heaps of grated mozzarella cheese. Then, it’s topped with a busload of seasoning that includes red and green jalapenos, onions, mushrooms, and chicken chunks. The pizza is finished with a flair by pouring siracha sauce into concentric circles on the top. It’s oh-so-delicious! Both in terms of its presentation and its taste.

The Pepperoni pizza is where Yellow Taxi falls short. There are very few pizza places in Karachi that have understood the intricacies of baking a solid pepperoni pizza. Yellow Taxi is definitely not one of them. The beef pepperoni was undercooked. When we tried to point it out to the manager, he refused to accept his mistake and returned the pizza back to us. It made for quite an uncomfortable eating experience.

Price: Reasonable

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 25 November 2022. (As per the official website of Yellow Taxi).

Due to our busy lives, it was very difficult to plan a birthday party for a friend. In the end, all four of us managed to reach a consensus to visit Yellow Taxi during our office breaks. We went ahead with Taxi Deal 8: The Six-Eater. It included:

  • 2 Large Pizza 
  • 1 Large Drink

The two flavors that we ordered were Siracha and Pepperoni. The cumulative price of the Taxi Deal 8 was PKR 4030. We decided to go split the bill equally which equated to about PKR 1000 per person. Overall, I had no issues with the price as it’s quite economical.

What I had a problem with was the serving. Frankly, I found it to be a little less. The size of the pizzas was quite small. This was disappointing. As the name indicates, Yellow Taxi believes that the deal should be enough for six people. However, there were only four of us and we managed to finish everything. That seems to be a problem.

Service: Room For Improvement

I’d like to point out the unprofessional attitude of the manager once again. He completely ruined the experience for us. And that’s quite a bit of a letdown as the rest of the waiters were extremely professional and friendly. They even sang the Happy Birthday song with us when we were cutting the cake.

Other than that, the service time was quick. It took only 15 minutes for the order to be prepared. The pizza came hot and fresh from the oven. The seating arrangement is average and the washrooms are unclean.

There’s another thing I’d like to highlight. In an effort to make placing orders easier, Yellow Taxi has collaborated with FoodPanda. This has ensured that the restaurant in Karachi has widened its reach. That’s a sign that Yellow Taxi seeks to make the customer experience more

Ambiance: Not Very Attractive

The Yellow Taxi joint is situated on the ground floor of the Saba Arcade at Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road. To be fair, there’s nothing special about the restaurant like other fast food restaurants, either the interior or the exterior. On the outside, the place has a yellow taxi on the roof as a decorative piece. While the inside gives off a rather low-quality vibe. 

Honorable Mentions: Third Time’s The Charm

Allow me to make you a recommendation. Try the Yellow’s Special Three-Layered Pizza. It’s a triple-decker load of awesomeness. The flavors are also quite commendable. From Ranch to Dynamite Chicken to Peri Peri, there’s something for everyone to fill their tummies with!

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a delicious pizza, look no further than Yellow Taxi. The food is excellent, although there are some flavors you need to avoid. Plus, the prices are reasonable. On the more negative side, the service is a hit and a miss, and the ambiance is nothing to write home about. That’s why it’s not a top-of-the-line pizza place in Karachi.

But it has its fans. Are you one of them? Quit waiting and head on over to Yellow Taxi today to find out for yourself!

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